MTSi AV-Series


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The Media Technology Systems Audio-Visual (AV) Series amplifiers are specifically designed for applications requiring large numbers of low impedance amplifier channels. Such applications include: multi-zone systems for restaurant, bars, distributed loudspeaker systems for corporate meeting rooms, auditoria, lecture rooms: and mix minus solutions for judicial, legislative and classroom applications.

The AV-Series amplifiers employ a digital (Class-D) output topology for maximum efficiency and does not require high-volume, forced air cooling even with the amplifier running into clip on all channels. In addition, the switch mode power supply (SMPS) incorporates power factor correction to comply with incoming legislation and minimum noise pollution of the electrical supply.

The AV-Series provide changeover relays on the output of each channel, where the N/O connection of the relay is available at the rear panel of the panel of the amplifier. This enables any of the internal amplifier channels to act as a back-up in case of primary amplifier channel failure. Alternatively, an external MTS amplifier/channel can be used to back-up the primary amplifier channel via the same port.

The AV-Series of amplifiers is available with an optional multi-drop RS-485 serial port for control & monitoring of all amplifier parameters including fault and load monitoring.

Within the AV line we offer Serial (‘s’) versions (e.g. AV-754s). In the S-versions of the Media Technology Systems AV-Series amplifiers, each amplifier channel include an analog VCA (for remote level/mute control) and a microcontroller with 12bit A-D converters (10 bit accuracy). The micro-controller enable remote monitoring of the pre/post attenuator input signals, output current and voltage signals to the loudspeaker, output clip, rear panel HPF and bridge settings, heat sink temperatures, short circuit, channel overcurrent and DC conditions. The micro-controller allows remote relay muting/disabling of the amplifier channels.

The VCA on each of the analog audio channels has a +12dB gain stage, so consumer line level signals (i.e. DVD, VCR, CD etc) can be accommodated.

The S-configuration provides multi-drop serial (RS-485) for control and monitoring, where up to 32 amplifiers (64 channels) can be connected to one host computer port or third party AV Control System.

The amplifier provides measurement of output voltage and current, a host computer can monitor line impedance and thus short or open circuit.

The amplifier has a separate micro-processor controlling the switch mode power supply. This enables remote monitoring of the front panel local/remote switch, amplifier model, power supply rails, power supply temperature, over current and over voltage conditions. The SMPS micro-processor will also provide remote standby/power on control of the amplifier module’s high voltage supplies.

MTS AV Series Multi-Channel Amplifier

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  • 2, 4, 6, and 8 channels
  • Four Power levels:
    • 75w/4Ω, 40w/8Ω
    • 150w/4Ω, 75w/8Ω
    • 300w/4Ω, 150w/8Ω
    • 600w/4Ω, 300w/8Ω
      (600w - 2 or 4 channel only)
  • Protection against short circuit, DC and over temperature
  • Bridged channel pair operation
  • Selectable 100Hz High-pass filter, 12dB/Oct
  • Optional Control & Monitoring of all amplifier parameters
  • Optional Serial interface (RS485 multidrop).
  • “World Power” Full specification is delivered when operated on any voltage internationally and in “brown-out” low voltage conditions. A/C power supply from 86-265 Volts – 43-63Hz
  • Automatic Output changeover in case of channel failure.