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Firmware/Software Downloads

Media Technology Systems' latest firmware for CobraNet (Cirrus Logic) chipset is available for download. The file is in a ZIP format on our server, but once you download it, you must extract the Binary or *.bin file and place this file in the Cirrus Logic CobraNet Discovery file folder. Once this is done, you will use CobraNet Discovery to update the firmware in the target device.
CobraNet Related Utility Software
CobraNet Discovery ("Disco") is a monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance tool for CobraNet networks. Disco runs on Windows (XP, Vista and 7) computers and uses the standard Ethernet network interface (NIC) to connect to and observe a CobraNet network. CobraNet devices on the network are discovered and enumerated in the application. Critical performance parameters are retrieved from the devices and displayed. Devices can be selected and over-the-network firmware upgrades initiated from the application.

Firmware may be updated though the Ethernet connection from a Windows PC running CobraNet Discovery. Unzip contents into the “firmware” directory beneath your CobraNet Discovery installation (default location: c:\Program Files\Cirrus Logic\CobraNet Discovery)

Database FileExtract this file into the “firmware” directory beneath your Disco installation (default location: c:\Program Files\Cirrus Logic\CobraNet Discovery) will allow CobraNet Discovery to accurately recognize all current and prior CobraNet firmware releases.

MTS Monitor Related  Software
When you download MTS monitor files, you may get a security warning that this type of file is dangerous. This is due to the type of file being a zip file or other executable file. Please note that these files are safe to download and open from this site.

Note: Some applications that are noted in the MTS programmers' guide refer to files that are now found in the relevant "monitor" downloads to the right of this text.

TICO related items are specific to TICO products only and should not be confused with MTS specific product applications or firmware.
MTS Product CobraNet Chipset Firmware

Document Library

DocumentMTSAMP072809_2_11_9Amplifier Firmware Version_2_11_9
DocumentION02092409_2_11_13ION 0.2 Firmware Version 2_11_13
DocumentION20092409_2_11_13ION 2.0 Firmware Version 2_11_13
DocumentION4488120111_2_11_13ION 4.4/8.8 Firmware Version 2_11_13
CobraNet®  Program Utilities

Document Library

DocumentCNDisco345CobraNet Discovery V3.4.5 (XP SP2)
Documenttftp.server.releaseTFTP Server Utility
DocumentdatabaseCobraNet Database
DocumentCNDisco_4_0_5CobraNet Discover V4.0.5 (Win7, Vista, XP w/.net)
MTS Monitor Software

Document Library

DocumentamxMonitor-v2.0.18.137-14CHAMX Monitor Ver.
DocumentionMonitor-v2.0.18.137ION Monitor Ver.
Documentamx14preset1AMX Preset 1
Documention_preset_203_135ION Preset 203_135
DocumentampMonitor-v2.0.18.137Amp Monitor Ver.
TICO Related Software & Firmware

Document Library

DocumentCi02_PanelsCi02_Panels Application and S03 file
DocumentCi20_PanelsCi20_Panels Application and S03 File
DocumentCI02071610_2_11_13CI02071610_2_11_13 Firmware
DocumentCI20071610_2_11_13CI20071610_2_11_13 Firmware

MTS Control Software

Below you will find two files that you can download. FIrst file contains a demo of MTS Control software that was created using the MTS Control Design software below.

Document Library

DocumentMTS_Control_SoftwareMTS Control Software ION Demo package
MTS Control Software
Download MTS Control Software
To download the MediaTechnologySystems Control Design application  that allows you to customize your control interface systems, please click on the image at the left of this text box and enter the following:

User Name:
Password:  MTSi

Note: If your are not sent to a login page and go directly to SPACE MANAGER, you will need to wait about 10 minutes to clear your previous connection to SPACE MANAGER.