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MTSi About Us


About Us
Media Technology Systems Inc., was formed by a talented team of industry professionals with many decades of experience at all levels, in real world, sophisticated networked audio systems and related products. A ‘holistic’ and intimate understanding of not just one area, but the whole interactive system of products found in practical applications, equips us to design, develop and offer the market, high value products not typically found from vertical product market suppliers. Flexible, systems sensitive designs that integrate with not only MTSi products but the rich variety of offerings in the market, allows us to create practical solutions for designers, owners and installers.

The increasing need and demand for fully integrated systems at all levels drives our development planning. It is no longer acceptable for audio products suppliers to design for a closed and dedicated environment. The distribution of audio, monitoring and control over Ethernet and full integration and compatibility with existing and planned IT installations is a critical element today and the future.

We maintain and are continuously involved in actual customer driven systems concept, planning and design, in such as major international airports, conference centers, hotels and universities as well as in corporate environments and POP in retail markets. Through this we are able to see the bigger picture and design for the immediate and future needs in integrated systems designs and installations.

MTSi offers a range of products and solutions from highly efficient, Class D/PFC/SMPS multichannel power amplifiers, to integrated and powerful Paging Systems. From Wall Control and digital Interface products, to Wireless Display Gateways. In development are specific applications microphones, MSD’s (microphone substitution devices) and speaker systems.

Media Technology Systems was formed with the intent to provide truly valuable and unique products. We are pledged to only introduce products that provide a unique and real world benefit. We work closely with our customers and partners in a number of vertical applications environments to maintain a broad picture of future needs, avoiding “me too” and commodity type products.

Media Technology Systems manufactures in a number of locations where skills, technology and value offer the best possible mix to give our products value, reliability and integrity.

Service and Support are not additions to a product line, they are inseparable parts of the practical application and continuing use of products within your market. MTSi provides its customers responsive and available support and documentation, help lines and FAQs towards getting our integrators up to speed efficiently.

We further pledge to only show products that are ready to go to market within 90 days of introduction. The industry has been plagued with ‘vaporware’ products for years. These often promise great wonders and all to often fail to perform if at all, when they are introduced later and at higher than promised prices.

Value is a perception formed in the eye of the beholder based upon a varied mix of benefits, integrity/reliability, longevity, practical usefulness for the purpose intended and cost. Through our continued involvement with our customers and partners, technology, design, and hands on use of our products we will continue to ensure exceptional Value in our products.