MTSi ION 8.8


The Media Technology Systems ION8.8 is a CobraNet® full rack width 1U rack mount configuration with 8 analog mic/line inputs and 8 analog outputs.

Overview       Specifications

The MTSI ION 8.8 is CobraNet® full rack width 1U rack mount configuration with 8 analog mic/line inputs and 8 analog Line outputs. The ION 8.8 input section converts 8 channels of analog audio into a CobraNet® audio stream. The Euroblock input connectors accept a +4dBu nominal, max +24dBu peak, balanced audio signals. Each channel has 60dB of gain range set via the front panel gain control. 24V Phantom power is switch selectable on each input. Per channel Signal Present/Peak indicators allow setting of gain for optimum headroom, low noise and clip avoidance.

ION 8.8 (and 4.4) provides 100MPS of embedded DSP processing for simple routing and processing, with ducking, EQ filters, high pass/low pass filters and compressors on each analog channel (see MTS GUI and ION series configuration software on the MTS website for details). Additionally the ION 4.4 and 8.8 provide a 20x20/24x24 respectively matrix input-output router that can receive up to 16 incoming audio streams and transmit up to 16 outgoing network audio streams.

ION 8.8 8-Channel CobraNet Processor

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  • Full rack width 1U high CobraNet® interface
  • Professional Audio signal interfacing, +4dB nominal maximum/+24dBu peak signals
  • 8 balanced 3.5mm Euroblock inputs, each with 60dB of variable Gain via the front panel potentiometers
  • 8 balanced 3.5mm Euroblock outputs
  • Switchable phantom power of +24volts on each input
  • 16 input and 16 output channels from/to the network offering 24x24 local routing capability
  • 100MIPS internal DSP
  • RS485 serial bridging
  • Split Cobranet audio LAN port and Ethernet control LAN ports for VLAN traffic
  • Professional standard Ethercon LAN connectors