MTSi Si-Series


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MTSI Si-Series amplifiers employ Class-D output topology for maximum efficiency, minimal heat dissipation and as a result exhibit excellent longevity whilst not requiring forced air cooling with inherent service demands. All MTSI amplifiers utilize Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) again for maximum efficiency and importantly, super regulation of power supply rails. Effectively the Si-Series will deliver full specified power regardless of the A/C power conditions. Conventional amplifiers using linear supplies lose power output capability with any reduction of incoming power. For example a conventional 200 Watt amplifier operating on 10% less A/C power: 120V down to 108 Volts, will output a maximum of 160 Watts. The Si-Series SMPS supply give specified output power regardless, whether operating on anywhere between 86 – 265 Volts. In addition, Si amplifiers use a Power Factor Corrected supply which complies with incoming legislation in many markets by maintaining clear power supply distribution for any other equipment in the system.

Si-Series amplifiers allow networking, control and monitoring, including fault and load monitoring. In addition the amplifier features a 100baseTx Ethernet port providing Telnet access tot he amplifier control and monitoring capability, as well as a CobraNet™ port for audio transport.

Further, Si-Series amplifier output stages incorporate intelligent load limiting based on maximum current conditions. The minimum load can be, 8,4,2 or even 1Ω as long as the current does not exceed the rated limit of that channel.

Automatic changeover relays on the output of all channels are provided where the N/O connection of the relay is available at the rear port of the amplifier. This enables any of the internal amplifier channels to act as a back-up in case of primary amplifier channel failure. Alternatively, an external MTSI amplifier channel can be used to back-up the primary amplifier channel via the same port.

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  • 2, 4, 6 or 8 channels.
  • Four Power levels:
    • 75 Watts @ 4Ω
    • 150 Watts @ 4Ω
    • 300 Watts @ 4Ω
    • 600 Watts @ 4Ω
      (2 & 4 channel only)
  • Protection against short circuit, DC and over temperature.
  • Bridged channel pair operation.
  • Selectable 100Hz Hi-Pass Filters per channel.
  • Control & Monitoring of all amplifier parameters.
  • CobraNet® interface per channel.
  • Ethernet interface.
  • Serial interface (RS485 multi-drop).
  • Optional DSP Module.
  • “World Power” Full Specified output power regardless of A/C power level from 86-265v.
  • Automatic Output changeover in case of channel failure.