MTSi ION 2.0


The ION 2.0 and ION 0.2 interfaces are designed to install in standard electrical installation ‘J-box’ hardware, a perfect solution for Classrooms, Corporate Meeting rooms and Hotel Banquet rooms.

Overview       Specifications

The ION 2.0 wall mount configuration enables low latency conversion from analog audio to LAN to take place at the wall. This eliminates long lines of analog audio cable between a conventional passive wall plate and the nearest control room rack. The solution eliminates complex rack patch bays, as patching can easily be achieved by changing the network address of each ion wall interface. This feature also provides a simple room combining solution.

ION 2.0 converts two channels of analog Mic/Line audio input into a CobraNet® audio stream. The XL connectos accept a +4dBu balanced audio signal and has three input sensitivities. The -26 and -56db settings automatically apply phantom power to the microphone. The RCA inputs accept a -8dBu sinal and are summed to mono in that input channel.

The interfaces are designed to fit commonly available decorative wall plates and backboxes from Leviton, MK, etc, allowing the installer to meet the Interior Designer or Architects requirements for color and finish. Applications would include Hotels/Hospitality suites, Convention Centers, Corporate Meeting rooms and Classrooms.

MTS ION 2.0 J-Box CobraNet Input Interface

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  • Balanced (true differential topology) XL-3 (F) Each input channel gain selectable over 60dB range in 3 steps, ie, -56dBu (nominal)/-36dBu (peak), -26dBu (nominal)/-6dBu (peak) and +4dBu (nominal)/+24dbu (peak) via a front panel mounted slide switch
  • Dual unbalanced RCA inputs (summed to mono) with a -8dBu (nominal)/+12dbu (peak), 10kohm input stage for each channel
  • The gain selector slide switch is recessed to avoid damage and interference and features a 3 position LED display to indicate gain position
  • Hi-quality, low noise, high gain extended headroom mic/line pre-amps
  • Two RCA -8dBu inputs per channel. Sum to mono per channel
  • Phantom power of +24volts automatically applied to the +26dB and +56dB gain settings
  • Power Supply: PoE
  • Die-cast metal chassis for survivability in application
  • XL-3 (F) connector shall be ‘latchless’ to minimize mechanical damage to the cobranet interface
  • Control & Monitoring: SNMP, CN Discovery, MTS Stardraw Control
  • Optional 100MIPS internal DSP with EQ filters, Compressors, Limiters, Duckers and Matrix switching/mixing
  • Product versions-designed to match wall plates and back boxes for different markets
  • Each input channel gain shall be adjustable over 60dB in 3 steps, ie, -56dBu (nominal)/-36dBu (peak), -26dBu (nominal)/-6dBu (peak) and +4dBu (nominal)/+24dbu (peak) via a front panel mounted slide switch. The slide switch shall be recessed to avoid damage and use a 3 position LED display to indicate gain position