MTSi AMX Series

CobraNet® mic/line interfaces featuring Automatic Microphone Mixing

The AMX CN Series are variants of the ION-Series that use specialized internal signal processing to provide a multi channel Automatic microphone Mixing with expansion ports (the AMX 8.8CN uses CobraNet® channels for the transfer of Auto-Mixer control and audio linker signals). Multiple units can be linked to provide an Automatic Microphone Mixer matrix size from 16x8, to 42x24. The AutoMixer is a gated type with ambient threshold sensing, where the gate 'active' indicator can be used to trigger camera-positioning presets. The analog input processing includes an AGC, HP & LP filters, 3 band Parametric and Compressor on all 8 channels.

AMX 0.2: In-wall CobraNet audio interface with DSP signal processing.

AMX 8.8:
1U Rack-mount Automatic Micrphone Mixer, CobraNet processor.